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      • On Cormacís Fire, Updike's Passing, Planets Like Dust and Mountaintop Removal
        I am very happy to host guest blogger Don Williams this week. His New Millenium Writings is brilliant...

        Events and ideas sometimes explode to bounce around like beads from a careless woman's necklace, so that sometimes you have to string several at once in order to regain footing. H

      • The Good Fights
        I pray to God, show me what is right and help me to see. Help my work to have meaning. I think more and more about the effect of my work. I hope it will do a small amount of good. Perhaps that is too much to strive for...A writerís own nature is his worst enemy. Nothing escapes his attention and his

      • My Little World...
        There is so much I donít know that it astounds me. My lack of knowledge is as vast as the stars and the universe and when I look at Serpent Box sometimes I get the feeling that Iím staring into a night sky. Steinbeck had East of Eden mapped out pretty well in his head. He knew what he had to do. He

      • Silver
        So it would be. The boy would never dwell upon the land again. Before him lay the sea with all her glorious shades and shimmers, shadows and sallows, and it was blinding in its brilliance so that he had to shade his eyes with his hand and squint to recognize it as something real and of this earth.

      • The Birth of a Chapter, the Death of a Book.
        The letters saved me. Because letters always do. Otherwise, you throw your voice out into the universe like a note in a wine bottle and most of the time no one ever hears you. Just like now. This silly blog. Itís a message in a bottle. And thatís fine. In fact itís essential, because itís hope. All

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