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      • The Serpent Box Letter: A Writer Needs a Good Book
        January 17, 2002
        Higher Grounds Café, San Francisco


        I feel antsy today. I feel tightly wound. I think there are several reasons for this, but the main one being a lack of any good story to read. I do not however lack reading material. I am currently reading Steinbe

      • All You Have To Do Is Believe
        (More from The Serpent Box Letters)

        January 16, 2002
        Higher Grounds Café, San Francisco


        I had a small breakthrough yesterday. Perhaps it was not too small. We shall see what happens today. But I knew it was important because I wrote a sentence that tippe

      • Like Sisyphus - The Serpent Box Letters

        January 15, 2002
        Higher Grounds Café, San Francisco


        I had a terribly depressing thought last night. I thought, ‘What if I’m not ready for this book?’, ‘What if I am over-reaching?’. I was watching Ken Burns’ wonderful documentary about Mark Twain.

      • The Serpent Box Letters (cont.) Dreams, Visions and Self-Sabotage
        January 14, 2002
        Higher Grounds Café, San Francisco

        I must confess that I feel very uncomfortable hearing about other writers. I do not like to see them interviewed on television, and I do not like hearing about their prizes and awards. I do not like to go to readings and I despise

      • The Serpent Box Letters - Light, Walking and Steinbeck

        January 11, 2002
        South Park Café, San Francisco


        I realize now that I misdated my previous letter. It was in fact the tenth and not the ninth of January yesterday…

        Now, I must tell you, that I feel it is necessary for me to walk to my writing

      • The Serpent Box Letters

        There is a quote attributed to Hemingway that I cannot verify, but it sounds like something he would believe, if not actually say and it goes something like this:

        "Some writers were born to help another write a single sentence."

        And it is true. As writer

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