A flash. A moment of illumination. An event perceived by the senses, filtered through memory and emotion. A flash of recognition. A flash of guilt. A flash of joy. Where everything you feel is everything you are.

A flash. Flash fiction. Small stories. Thin slices of time that are shaped by what comes before and what immediately follows. No moment stands alone. A whole life teeters on this. There's what comes before and what comes after. That's what you think. That's what you're taught and that's what you do. You live in the moments that pile up behind you and the moments yet to come, and rarely, maybe never, do you live where the moments themselves are born.

This is my Flash Box. Inside are very short stories. Microfiction, some call it. They were written between 1997 and 2007.

Silver - A Treasure Island Prequel

600 Seconds - The Last Ten Minutes of Your Life

Acapulco Blue - It's Alright Ma, I'm Only Drivin'

The Whiskey Midget Freak Show - Little People Are People Too

The Biggest Fish in the Sea - A Brief Encounter with Death in the Sea of Cortez

Victims of Gravity - The Final Flight of the Princess Eileen

Thunder - How Much Does a Man Love His Horse?

The Tire Swing - Because What You See is What You Are

The Old Barn - The Good Signs of a New Life

The First Man Dead - A Serpent Box Story

The Book of Acts - The Bible Clears a Hot L.Z.

Veriggonia - A Felliniesque Seduction

Magnifico - Imaginary Friends, Made of Wood

Merganser - The Old Man and the End of the Sea

Little Vic - An Encounter with a Homeless Boxer

Killies - The Most Precious Day of Your Life

Dinghy - An Old-School Swimming Lesson

All the Roadside Crosses - Death Bed Confessions of a Long-Haul Trucker

The Squall - A Sloop Eludes a Lee-Shore.


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