Serpent Box - Beyond the Blurb Ė Whatís it About?

So, I hear you wrote a book. Whatís it about?

Itís about faith and God and the nature of belief. Itís about the nature of religion. Itís about a boyís search for meaning within his religion. Itís about a boy in search of himself. Itís about coming of age and the transition to manhood, and fathers and sons and all the expectations and possibilities that go with that. Jacob Flint is told by the people he loves and trusts most that he was born with a gift. That he will grow up to do great things. But he doesnít feel great. He doesnít know what his gift is. So he does what only the bravest of people ever do. He leaves home in order to discover himself. He takes a journey. He faces trial by water and fire. He faces demons . He travels hundreds of miles on foot looking for his purpose. Thatís what the book is about.

WowÖyou wrote a novel? Can you tell me what itís about?

Thereís what the book is about and then thereís what the book is about. Iím done with the pat answers. Weíve come too far, you and I. Weíre beyond the blurb. Donít read any further if youíre not willing to close your eyes and jump. Weíre past plot now. Iím letting you inside my head. Youíre in with the therapists and the bartenders. You want to know what this book is about? Letís do this. The boy. Heís a vehicle for a question. Heís a means to an end. The book is not about a boy, or a father and son, or a mother and daughter, or an old snake-hunting Indian, or a killer on the lam, or an old mid-wife who almost got shot in the Civil War. Those are the people who drive the question and hereís the question: Is there a God?

Thatís the question. If you drink poison and suffer no effects, does that mean thereís a God? If you hear voices and heal the sick, does that mean thereís a God? Are the signs of faith an objective form of proof? Thatís what the book is about. The question. Not the answer. The book does not attempt to answer the question for you, the reader. The book answers the question for me, the writer. I have the answer I was looking for. Itís right in front of me. I can see it. Thatís what the book is about. Will you see it? I can make no guarantees. The book is a prism. Itís a cipher. What does that mean? Go back to the beginning of this section and read the quote by David Milch. Forget logic. Forget plot. Read the book. Drift through it. Bump into things. Collide. Mesh. Absorb. Thatís what Serpent Box is about.

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